Thursday, October 20, 2011

William Black on Dylan Ratigan: Fire Geithner, Holder, and Bernanke!

*MUST WATCH Dylan Ratigan interview with Prof. William Black on BANKSTER CORRUPTION
If Ron Paul makes the White House in 2012...we can't think of anyone more suited for the AG position than Black.

The most prominent person in finance in Kansas City, a rock solid conservative Republican used the exact phrase "We put the Treasury Secretary up for auction and lately Goldman Sachs has been the highest bidder".
This is not a left vs. right or republican vs. democrat, its honest folks against the elite frauds who now cheat with immunity.

The first thing is to get rid of the systemically dangerous institutions. These are the 20 biggest banks that this administration and the last administration told us as soon as the next one goes down there's going to be another global crisis.
The second thing is you need to fire Geithner, you need to fire Holder, and you need to demand Bernanke's resignation.  And you need to replace them with people who will actually enforce the laws for the 99%.