Monday, January 2, 2012

MSNBC Takes Propaganda to a New Level Bashing Ron Paul and Gold

CNBC just topped the all-time propaganda one-liner denigrating gold as worthless because you can't eat it with this doozy:  Can you build a house out of gold!?!  Bwahahaha! 
Yup, stay away from gold sheople, because unlike The Pharaohs, you can't build your house out of it.
And lets get this straight.  The biggest "dirt" you can find about Ron Paul is that he advocates the 'crazy' investment of gold, and that he predicted a currency crisis of the US Dollar in 2006!?! 

Well there's this theory that gold is somehow intrinsically valuable.  That there is something about gold that unlike fiat backed currency, unlike greenbacks dollars that the federal reserve prints, that it matters, it means something.  And you sort of interrogate that, and you think What does it mean? Can I eat my gold? No, that's not good for you.  Can I build a house out of gold? You would need a whole lot.  Can I use it for ammunition? Maybe a little.  Gold does not have an incredible intrinsic value!
There is a testable theory behind Ron Paul's arguments about gold. What Ron Paul believed was that in 2006 we were going to have a big currency crisis.  He thought the dollar was going to crash, and he actually prints a testimony he did back and forth with Ben Bernanke on this exact topic.  But we did not have a currency crisis! The dollar is stronger than ever! Treasury bonds are stronger than ever!  So the thing that the gold bugs thought would happen DID NOT HAPPEN! Watch the full interview below.
*Caution: make sure your 6 year old is out of earshot as $10 says you can't make it 2 minutes into the clip w/o screaming obscenities at Ezra Klein & Chris Hayes