Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is the $6 Trillion in Allegedly Fake 1934 US Bonds a Black Swan Event?

AGXIIK Speculates on Yesterday's Disovery of $6 Trillion in 1934 US Bonds

The $6 Trillion UST bond discovery (allegedly fake) could be a Black Swan event for the US government equal to that of the sub prime mortgages and CDS which is still in the process of costing us $25 trillion in lost wealth and fiscal value and has not run its course.

The fact that $6 Trillion in US bonds were found in Italy as well as the fact that the Mafia has by default become the largest 'bank' in Italy, loaning $140 billion in Italy, these bonds could easily be a form of organized crime's way to finance their operations. The Mafia has frequently resorted to counterfeiting currencies, most particularly US Dollars. Using treasury bonds as a currency would probably be easier since the bonds are the most trustworthy in the world. If they were laundered for 10% of their face value, these bonds could easily be used in scams such as the Nigerian Bank fraud we see so commonplace in our emails. Since that scam has run its course it would seem that offering USTs to unsuspecting dupes would add credibility to this fraud. The Nigerian bank scam nets $250 million a year.
Using USTs for currency, even if those in the know realize that they bonds are fakes, does not reduce the possibility that they could have value within these criminal systems. North Korea was for years, the focal point of counterfeit USD and those spent very well within the criminal cartel and banking systems that sponsored this funny money Add to this an HSBC check for $325,000 and the insider knowledge that HSBC is one of the tips of the drug cartel money laundering schemes, second only to B of A and its billions in drug money laundering, and you have the perfect recipe for the use of USTs as a counter currency to the real thing.

It would not surprise me that the threat to financial integrity of the US is deemed real (financial integrity being an oxymoron) since the US treasury and Federal reserve bank HATE competition, even if it a bond and not phony Benjamins flooding the system. Bond of the 'quality' noted in these situations do get the attention of the Secret Service. If enough phony bonds are introduced into the system, it could easily present a wedge to the value of these bonds, degrading and depreciating the face value of the bonds. If enough started floating around, even into the trillions, it could precipitate a crisis which would become severely inflationary as officials try to sort out the real from the phony bonds. The buyers of the real bonds issued by the UST would then have to wonder if they were buying the real thing. This could help undermine the reputation of the UST bonds, financial instruments which are under severe pressure today due to inflation and hypersonic currency printing.
We might even speculate that after the multi trillion dollar US Treasury hoard uncovered a few years ago, purportedly owned by the Dragon family and their legal claim to the entire US supply of gold, our government might be using this $6 trillion counterfeit bond fiasco to damage the Dragon Family's claims that are working through the courts.
If US Treasuries can be used to purchase Uranium, Plutonium, silver, gold or simply to aid and abet money laundering, this $6 trillion scam must scare the living bejesus out of TPTB. 

Tyler Durden has weighed in on this matter with some uncorroborated accounts of the 1934 Mother Boxes that were shipping from the Chicago Fed.  Durden also refers to the Divine Cosmos information. Maybe the Mafia was able to access these bonds, and they are real, and the syndicate is using them as real money , and they have uncovered the mother lode of bonds.
Now we could have $6 trillion of USTs floating around while the Secret Service is rushing to contain the damage to the fiscal integrity of the US government.

As the plot deepens, if the bonds ARE real and issued in 1934, maybe the larger tranche of the Dragon Family stash failed to surface ($154 billion vs $6 trillion), this could have massive repercussions to the FRN and treasury bonds, adding more ice and speed to the slippery down hill slope to ultimate currency debasement.  - Exactly the sort of thing that the Dragon family has threatened.

For those who have seen the movies Margin Call and Too Big To Fail, you can see how multi trillion dollar financial fiascos can spiral out of control in a few short hours. This $6 Trillion UST bond discovery (allegedly fake) could be a Black Swan event for the US government equal to that of the sub prime mortgages and CDS which is still in the process of costing us $25 trillion in lost wealth and fiscal value and has not run its course.

If these bonds are real and given the history of government's proclivity to print to infinity using bonds, Weimar comes to my mind, then the international financial community is likely taking note and wants closure on this.
Thus the Italian police are diving into this matter since the Mafia may be one of the most destabilizing forces in Italy today And we know how badly things are going in Italy with currency controls, inflation, debt debasement, fire sale pricing of assets plus the age of assets available to pledge, it's just a matter of time before Italy defaults on its debts.
If the Mafia and others allied to its business model can replace a significant portion of the Italian financial market based on the extreme weakness of the Italian economy and fiscal realities, now that they are the largest bank in Italy, these bonds, not matter who THINKS they own them Dragon family or others, (Doc's Law--if you don't hold it you don't own it) the Mafia has the bonds and could put them into play quickly It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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