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$6 Trillion in US Bonds: Part of the Collateral for the Stolen Treasures of the Chinese Emperors?

Yesterday we speculated on the origins of the allegedly fake $6 Trillion in 1934 US bonds seized in Italy.
We have now discovered a first-hand account of a German lawyer who has held identical issues to those seized in Italy.  His story is below. The rabbit trail is getting deeper by the hour now.  This story, if true, threatens to rip the truth into the open.  Zerohedge's coverage of the story yesterday may well have been enough to thrust the entire episode into the public's awareness. 

Golden Trust of Chiang Kai-shek

The firm, Goldwind GmbH, in which I work the consultant is engaged in legal services to the Russian-speaking population in Germany. In late June 2010 to my office came a man, posing as Russian lawyer probate. After a short acquaintance, he put me on a bearer bond issued in 1934 the U.S. Federal Reserve and several certificates. The lawyer told the client he represents, would like to clarify a few questions:
-Whether the certificates are valid
-If he can get the bond money
, Which in this case there are interest
And how he can get the amount due
I stared at my bank records provided and it seemed to me that I have double vision. Several times I counted the zeros on the bonds and could not believe that such securities may be issued in bearer form.
Before me lay a bond D 04143737 A, valued at $ US 100.000.000, which was guaranteed by the U.S. Reserve System. Warranty is for certificates:
1. Insurance Certificate № SC1226-71-B004; D 04143701A,
2. Gold Bullion Certificate № SC 1226-71-B004; D A 04,143,701
3. Treasury Certificate № SC 1226-71-B004; D A 04,143,701
4. Federal Reserve Certificate № SC 1226-71-B004; D A 04,143,701
valued at $ US
In all the certificates was the same series. The lawyer explained to me that the bond of one hundred million dollars, is only 1 / 250 portion of the amount of trust, issued to bearer!
I looked up and saw a certificate from the lawyer's eyes. He said: "My client says that in his opinion, so far, this trust is not repaid ... I am interested in the fate of the money. "
I asked whether the original documents provided. The lawyer replied that he withdrew from the original scanned copy of the bond. Anyway, he thinks that was holding the original bonds, as in appearance it looks very old and has a yellowish-brown color. On the reverse side (the upper left side) there is specific watermark in a light green circle and a black eagle
with arrows. Around the circle inscription «Federal Reserve United States of America". In the diameter range was about 42 mm. Also on the back side (lower right part) bonds had water with a dollar sign, measuring 2.5 x 1.5 cm, and four "water" lines, written in Gothic type, reflecting some information in English. Each row was about 23.5 cm Zephyr about 6 mm. At the beginning of the third line is clearly marked in the figure is USD 100.000.000. What exactly was written, he did not know, because the font is not  legible. Bond was, though old, but in very good condition and it is clear that kept in its proper place. In their paper texture was dense and very similar to a dollar bill.
Copies of the certificates, which he sent to the client was authenticated by the notary of the Spanish in 2000 with the original. But the original certificates he had personally seen. A bond denominated in one hundred million dollars are at its Clients in Russia. I again asked why his client did not apply to this issue in a Russian or a bank? The lawyer replied that in this case, the client will be found in the Lubyanka .* (the former headquarters of the KGB in Moscow).
When a strange visitor had left my office, on my table were five color copies of the astronomical cost of the securities. I began to scrutinize the paper. Based on the «Gold Bullion Certificate" it is clear that trust has been issued under an attached gold. Further, the contribution of gold had been insured for 25 billion in FDIC, then the Fed guaranteed up to 30 years 4% and the gold has been deposited in the Department of the Treasury. That is, there was a giant gold deposit.
For bonds denominated in 100 million were fixed 33 interest coupon. This means that every year, the owner of the bonds could cut away a coupon and get 4% of a hundred million dollars. That is 4 million annually for 30 years. Since the bond coupon 33, the last year could pay off the remaining three coupons. Why it was done - I do not know. We multiply 4.000.000. (Annual interest) for 33 coupons. Obtain USD 132.000.000. This sum will amount to interest on bonds for 30 years. Then you can get the bond back USD100.000.000 or gold for that amount. If gold is not received back, the total monetary value of the bond USD 232.000.000.
But the trust had such bonds 250. This means that for 30 years, interest from around the Trust will make USD33.000.000.000. If you add up the value of the trust and the interest payments, we get 58 billion dollars. Consequently, at the end 1964 the U.S., as a debtor should have to pay the creditor (in fact any natural person) USD !
Who gave the United States in 1934, the "gold loan" and then refused the money? Where did this gold, when the world was the great crisis?
It seemed to me that I'm in a dream and everything that happened to me is a hoax.
In order to calm down, I sent the scanned copies of bonds and certificates of his banker with a request to clarify the situation. And two weeks later a representative  Commerzbank in Hamburg with excitement in his voice said the following:
If we assume that forge these certificates does not make sense (because of the impossibility of obtaining money from the U.S. Federal Reserve on forged certificates), the amount that
can be claimed by the bearer of today can make a given certificates and interest of about $ US ..
On this basis, we can assume that the available copies are not fantasies, and argue that the trust did exist in the U.S. in 1934! A client of my friend the lawyer, on the basis of assurances the U.S. Federal Reserve and its existing securities can be one of the richest people in the world "for a few moments'!
But I have a counter question: why from 1934 to 1964 (the period of payment of interest), the owner of the securities has not registered their claims? Him that the money is not needed? But it's not just money. This budget is the average European country! Since it is not stated in a timely manner about getting money back or an attached gold, then something happened and it is undisclosed to this day someone's secret.
Why bond and certificates of such fabulous virtues were issued to the bearer? That is, for any natural person in whose hands will be bonds. Obviously because the Fed knew and was convinced that the "wrong hands, these papers can not hit. And if for any reason, and will get, then that person will receive no money!
The highest, officially known American denomination banknotes in $ US 100.000, sample 1934. The bill was a portrait of President Woodrow Wilson. As a rule of this denomination banknotes used for calculations of legal persons, and in 1964, the U.S. Federal Reserve to withdraw it from circulation. But why would issue bonds in $ US 100.000.000. and especially to the bearer?
If we consider the warranty certificates, and the price of gold to date, the sum of 25 billion trust is a quarter of annual U.S. budget. If trust is not repaid and the owner will put his claim, the U.S. could become formally bankrupt! This means that with the advent of these securities in the international financial market - stocks will collapse almost new
all credit institutions, the United States!
Commerzbank representative also said that for the amount of granted certificates of need to rebuild the entire computer system, because computers are not designed for such amounts. Again, the banker said ... If this is not fake.
I looked at copies of certificates and bonds. Head was spinning and I felt that I was standing on the threshold of one of the great mysteries of the past century. I was tormented by questions:
1.For which counterfeiter to produce such "securities"? Whom they can offer? They can only pay off the bank. Otherwise - it's like to draw one hundred counterfeit dollars and go to a credit institution for the receipt of money. Bill immediately checked for authenticity and if false, not only will not give money, but call the police. Then what's the point in the idea of counterfeiting the securities if they can not get real dollars?
2.That "draw" like "fake", it is necessary in any case to have the original as a model and know that such bonds were issued were for specific purposes. But how to get the
information for "The Counterfeiters" or the more original of the bond, if the level of such information - the U.S. government!
3.Absolutely clear that "just" have a counterfeiter can not be born in mind the idea of "drawing bonds in denominations of 100 million, and then try to sell them illegally. In doing so he has to "draw" the warranty certificates by $ 25 billion each to him, "believe" in the sale of fakes. It's like the most myself to send in a psychiatric hospital.
4.Therefore can confirm that the 1934 bond with number D 04143737 A - was actually released and I have a copy, taken from the original! If we assume that the client does not have the original, in any case, the presence of copies of the securities of a similar level demonstrates the fact issued in 1934, the trust in the $ 25 billion. He really did take place in U.S. history!
This confirms that, unless the Client, then someone else is really original. Or the original once was, and my task was to establish who he meant and why was not repaid. In any case, the presence of number bonds already suggests that this trust has been released and is behind this mystery, which is known only to dedicated politicians and financiers in the world.
I began to think logically. These securities were issued to an individual, which has provided a huge amount of gold or gold values. It is obvious that the earth was not the man who could legitimately have it in such numbers. Moreover, the depositor of gold was not a resident of the United States because in 1934 President Roosevelt had forbidden all individuals have the precious metal.
So this gold from abroad. Consequently, it has been supplied by sea, since the U.S. border, Mexico and Canada only. But Mexico - a poor state and the billionaires out there at that time was not. Canada's economy is not much different from Mexico. Besides, why export gold from Canada to the United States. Where is the logic?

The bonds were issued to the bearer. So it may be an individual (or individuals trusted). Consequently, this individual should not just be a billionaire, a person close to politics and business. But why at the time of the total bankruptcy of the Great Depression, world export gold in such quantities? During the crisis, on the contrary all tried to buy the precious metal as a guarantee against inflation. This law of economics. The government of the state agree to such a suicidal step for yourself? Why have the risks of loss of gold? For example the collapse of the ship during a storm, piracy or unforeseen circumstances?
So the man who brought gold knew that with nothing in transit is not
not going to happen and took out his gold, but someone's. Whose it was gold and in what legal basis he was taken?
Removal of such a quantity of gold reserves may be only one case: in times of war, revolution or political instability in the country. So, this gold was taken out by a public political figure in order to maintain this reserve "until better political times" and making a

profit otherwise than through the economy of his state. This person should have good political relations with the U.S. president and have him full support. That kind of money one can not risk it.
No European country this was not ready. First had these gold reserves, and secondly all the European countries themselves needed the money. The only exception is the revolutionary Spain. 15.10.1936, Prime Minister of Spain Largo Kobalero and Finance Minister Juan Negrin formally asked the Soviet Union to take stock of gold on deposit in Spain of 510 tons.
In the Soviet Union at a meeting of the Politburo of the CPSU (b) on 17/10/36 This request was considered positive, and the question of shipment of Spanish gold was entrusted to the protocol № 44 Rosenberg, a friend, and already October 22-25, Soviet ships loaded with Spanish gold left the port in the direction of the Soviet Kartahens boundaries. Under the guarantee of the Soviet Union sold gold the Spanish revolutionary government weapons. After the war, the USSR and not returned to Spain the gold that took the 'conservation', despite the threats and demands its return through the Hague Tribunal.
But the United States this had nothing to do. Smuggled out of Spain the gold reserve was equivalent to 700 million dollars. And in the issue of trust appeared 25 billion!
Elevation of the historical events of that time, the "gold donor" in the late twenties and early thirties - would be China. In 1934, China ran a leader of the nationalist Kuomintang party and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. In 1931, in Manchuria and North China was advancing Japanese army. Inside China, were the preconditions for civil war. Chiang Kai-shek led the party military confrontation of the Communist Party of Mao Tse-tung.

So, at the time control over China's gold reserve had only Chiang Kai-shek. But how could smuggle a quantity of gold? What exactly are shipped Chiang Kai-shek: gold bullion, jewelry or valuables of culture and art? If you look at the four thousand year history of China, for the time development of the country it has accumulated a great treasures that have little money. This is the world's masterpieces of gold and precious stones. This was especially true of government last emperor of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
But not only in China held war and revolution, and not only by Chinese military leaders were interested in saving the gold reserve. Almost similar political upheavals shook the borders with China, Russia. In 1920, the Russian White Army commander, Admiral Kolchak also tried to save the gold reserves of Russia and bring it to conduct the war of liberation against the Bolsheviks and Communists. To present a clear historical picture of the time necessary to use only proven and irrefutable historical facts and events.
Version 1, "The gold reserve of the Russian Empire" or "Golden echelon of Admiral Kolchak"
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