Friday, November 25, 2011

Did JP Morgan Just Convert 614,000 Ounces of MF Global Clients' Silver into JPM Licensed Vaults?

Blythe just tried to sneak a massive 613,738 ounce silver adjustment past the market this afternoon on one of the thinnest trading days of the year, but The Doc's all over it like white on rice- and WAIT TILL YOU SEE WHERE THE RABBIT TRAIL THE DOC JUST RAN DOWN LEADS!

The Morgue adjusted 613,738 ounces of silver from eligible vaults into REGISTERED vaults on Wednesday!
Not to be beaten, Scotia topped its 1.2 M oz deposit reported Wednesday, by receiving a massive deposit of 2,395,835 ounces!
Rather coincidental seeing Brink's had a nearly identical withdrawal Tuesday of 2,346,587 ounces!


*Delaware had a small withdrawal of a single bar (999 ounces) from eligible vaults

*HSBC had a small withdrawal of 2,035 ounces from eligible vaults

*No Changes for Delaware

*Scotia Mocatta reported a massive deposit of 2,395,835 ounces into eligible vaults!

*JP Morgan adjusted 613,738 ounces out of eligible vaults and into REGISTERED VAULTS!
Don't forget this number, we'll get back to it at the end up the inventory update.

*TOTAL COMEX REGISTERED SILVER increased to 34,051,874 ounces
*TOTAL COMEX ELIGIBLE SILVER increased to 73,893,167 ounces
*TOTAL COMEX SILVER INVENTORIES increased to 107,945,041 ounces

Ok.  Now back to the 613,738 ounce adjustment by The Morgue.  This silver is the 613,738 ounces that was deposited into The Morgue's eligible vaults last Friday, Nov 18th.
Where might this silver have come from?
This is not an ignorant client depositing his phyzz at The Morgue, because it was adjusted today into REGISTERED inventory-meaning its silver that is available for Blythe's delivery needs.

We have been updating readers that 1,420,916 of registered silver is currently unavailable as it is nowhere to be found in the aftermath of the Corzine/ MF Global scandal. 
With today's update from The Morgue, The Doc decided to break down the numbers of the unavailable/stolen silver .

Here are the numbers again:

*Registered ounces of metal currently not available  for delivery
as of 11/4/11 due to MFGI bankruptcy. Included in above totals.

DEPOSITORY  Registered 
Brinks 210,320
Delaware 65,706
HSBC 793,734
Scotia Mocatta 351,156
Total:                                                                       1,420,916
Now I'm not sure why I never noticed this previously, but isn't it interesting that in the wake of the MF Global client silver theft, there is registered silver missing from EVERY SINGLE VAULT EXCEPT JP MORGAN'S!?!

The Doc decided to break the numbers down one step further, by removing the missing MF Global silver in the HSBC vault (HSBS is the other big bullion back allegedly manipulating the price of silver to the downside) from the totals. 

Outside of The Morgue's manipulation buddy HSBC, there are 627,182 ounces of MF Global clients' silver that remain missing. 

Now for the timeline:
MF Global is taken down on Oct 31st/Nov 1st.  About a week later the CME begins reporting that 1.4 million ounces of registered silver is unaccounted for and unavailable for delivery-including 627,182 ounces from non-cartel banks.
Roughly 7-10 days afterwards, JP Morgan suddenly reports a deposit of 613,738 ounces into eligible vaults.
Exactly 7 days later, JP Morgan adjusts this silver into registered vaults.
JP Morgan has not had a significant silver deposit in MONTHS prior to this 613,738 deposit if my recollection serves me.

This is not an allegation:
Make your own conclusions, I've made mine.

Still think that your silver is safe ANYWHERE OUTSIDE OF YOUR OWN POSSESSION!?!
The F***ing Morgue can burn- this is BANKSTER WAR PEOPLE!