Monday, October 10, 2011

Single Best Hiding Place for Gold/Silver

Last Thursday,  Bloomberg ran an article about unusual hiding places for gold.  One bright fellow Bloomberg interviewed, Chad Venzke,was kind enough to provide his name, age, location, and the fact that he hides his gold and silver buried in PVC pipes in his back-yard.  (How many Chad Venzke's age 30 from Wisconsin can there be!?!)
Zerohedge picked up on this story as well last night, inviting their readers to submit their favorite hiding places for their gold and silver.
While we maintain that anonymity is the best hiding spot for gold and silver (if no one knows you own any, it doesn't exist!) and Mr. Venzke would certainly be better off storing his gold and silver on his living room floor and keeping his mouth shut rather than informing Bloomberg that he stores it in his backyard in PVC pipes, skimming through the responses to the Zerohedge article, The Doc has come across quite possibly the best hiding spot ever conceived for physical gold and silver- even better than the hiding spots suggested in The Doc's Top 10 Places to Store Your Gold/Silver

The absolute best hiding place for your gold/silver of all time?

In your septic tank.

Added benefit:
Your risk of liquidating your precious metals during a panic is also substantially decreased!

Again, we welcome your own best hiding places for your gold and silver with one caveat: please do not include your name, age, and state of residence!