Friday, September 23, 2011

Silver is a WAR

The Doc's been slammed today and has not been able to articulate his full thoughts on today's actions in gold and silver.
As such, we would like to present reader Cleburne61's comments on today's action pertaining to silver, as The Doc couldn't have said it better himself.

The Doc has always anticipated a MAJOR takedown of gold and silver immediately proceeding the ultimate complete collapse of our current fiat ponzi system, as the elitists attempt to exchange all of their paper assets for physical precious metals and wish to obtain ALL physical supply for themselves.
I am believe that this is what we are witnessing yesterday and today.
(*Update- tonight's after market close margin hikes in both gold and silver effective Monday only solidify this belief)
Keep the fight, the increasing desperation of the cartel's actions proves that we are closer to victory than anyone believes.

When I convince someone new of what's happening, and they buy gold or silver, the first thing I always impress upon them is that they've now taken a financial stake that is diametrically opposed to the stakes of the world's most rich, powerful, and malevolent parasites. If you think those parasites will give up this immense power to some nobody who went to a coin shop...without trying to turn them into splinters, think again.

Silver's a war. Period. The enemy just launched Operation Barbarossa, and they're DEEP within Russian territory. When the dust settles though, comrades...the last inch of ground they won will be all there is to their future. Whether it's $30, $28, $24, or $21....that's it, they'll never put it there again.

I so firmly believe this, that today I called up my broker, and sold alot of the paper assets I had(no, not miners), that haven't fallen as far. I have freed this capital up to buy more silver.
By the eternal God, if they're going to pillage and plunder in broad daylight, with the government's help no less!, I'm going to take this tanker full of lemons and make enough lemonade to stock all the kiddie stands in front yards across America! But I haven't pulled the trigger yet...I'm waiting, waiting....gotta make this broadside count the most.

These people are sick and demented, but they're on the wrong side of the trade...and of history! Remember, when the dust settles....that's it. Onto Berlin.