Friday, September 23, 2011

CME to Hike GOLD & SILVER Margins by 21% and 16% Monday

And there we have it. The cartel clearly wishes to extend the bloodbath into options expiration next week.

Those who thought the 2-day 30% correction in silver occurred by natural circumstances can now be forgiven.

The CME has announced a hike in initial and maintenance gold margins of 21%, and silver margins of 16%.

Those who hold physical are unaffected by margin hikes- other than the obvious opportunity to acquire physical silver at bargain basement prices.

Full release below:

Gold Old Margin                     New Margin
$9,450                         $11,475
Old Maintenance           New Maintenance
$7,000                         $8,500

Old Margin                  New Margin
$21,600                      $24,975
Old Maintenance         New Maintenance
$16,000                     $18,500

Gold Margin Hike 9.23