Sunday, April 1, 2012

SD Bullion Update

We would like to thank all the readers who have already purchased their phyzz from SD Bullion during our first month of operation.

While we have had quite a few readers utilize us for low cost bullion, it is still a less than a break-even business venture. We have hired our first full-time employee who will be managing the SD Bullion operation along with myself, BullRun. 

The Doc and I (BullRun) are continuing to dedicate our time to SD for free for the benefit of our readers while our employee is being supported by click-through advertisements on the main blog. We acquired a decent inventory with our own capital to start SD Bullion and we are offering it at bare bones pricing. 

So not only are you able to support the Doc, you are able to purchase bullion at prices which beat nearly all other online retailers. 
When you purchase from SD Bullion, you are buying your phyzz from one of the most trusted individuals in the precious metal market (The Doc) who spends almost every hour of every day preaching on stacking the Phyzz and his motto, "If You Don't Hold It, You Don't Own It."

The bottom line is that we need your business and support to keep this going!  We know through analyzing traffic on the site that there is a huge percentage of individuals who go to the SD Bullion page, (we assume) looking to purchase bullion, but do not end up calling or placing an order. We need your help understanding why.
Please take a moment or two to fill out the 3 question survey below to help us better understand how to best meet your bullion needs.  Thanks for all of your support.  -BullRun