Monday, March 21, 2011

Crash JP Morgan, Charge Silver!

In the spirit of Max Keiser's wildly successful "Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver!" campaign, SilverDoctors has come up with a unique way to expand the campaign in a way Max never even dreamed of:

Crash JP Morgan, Charge Silver with a 12 Months 0% APR Chase Freedom Rewards Card!

JP Morgan Chase has a current promotion for their Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back Rewards card of:
0% APR on balance transfers for 12 months
0% APR on purchases for 6 months
5% Cashback on rotating categories
1% Cashback on ALL purchases
(yes, even silver bullion!)
$100 Cashback after your first $500 (silver bullion) purchase! (An extra 2.5oz Silver donation by JP Chase!)

Application can be found here:

With actual inflation nearing 10%, a silver loan at 0% APR at current prices is a steal.  Eric Sprott, John Embry, and numerous others expect silver to reach a minimum of $50 in 2011.  SilverDoctors is looking for even faster appreciation, with an $80 target by November 2011.  
Even better, if hyperinflation develops during the next 12 months- enjoy your FREE SILVER BULLION courtesy your friends at JP Morgan Chase (and SilverDoctors) as you pay JP back in mid 2012 with worthless cotton fiat.

Besides removing physical silver from the market during a time of extreme silver supply constraints and possibly inducing a short squeeze, we will be tying up JP Morgan's capital- attacking from the front and from the flank simultaneously if you will.

The Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver! Campaign went viral and initiated silver’s unbelievable run since August 2010. 

We can take Crash JP Morgan, Charge Silver! viral as well and finish the job!
Update your friends with links to your social media sites, and let’s take this viral!

The Crash JP Morgan, Charge Silver campaign can be found at


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