Saturday, March 31, 2012


An insider has come forward with information that could perhaps tie together several unusual incidences that have been noted and discussed here at SD over the past few months. 
Could the arrest of a large portion of the Italian government, including former Prime Minster Berlusconi, the $6 Trillion in 1934 series US Treasury bonds discovered and confiscated in Italy, and the mass exodus of top banking executives around the world over the past few months all be tied together? 

According to the insider's claims in this interview, not only are all these events tied together, they are the result of a plan for massive arrests of banking executives, including FEDERAL RESERVE OFFICIALS!  The insider claims that high levels of the US military are involved, and that over 10,000 bankster/ illuminati arrests are imminent.
Could Bix Weir's conspiracy theory regarding a plan to take down the banking cable not only be accurate, but actually be in the implementation mode???

Full whistleblower/insider's interview below:

While it is hard not to remain skeptical of statements with this large of implications for the banking cabal and The Doc has long been a skeptic of Bix Weir's 'good guys' theory, if the insider's testimony is valid it should be evident in the near future as the rats begin to notice the noose tightening around their necks. 
We'd like to allow our readers to make their own judgements regarding the legitimacy of the claims.

(Note- SD does not endorse nor agree with the interviewer, David Wilcock's new age beliefs, and we are not convinced regarding Drake's claims, but we present this interview due to the implications should the insider's testimony be valid)