Saturday, March 31, 2012

GOLD & SILVER REPORT: South Carolina Office of the Treasurer Concludes Banking Cartel Has Engaged in Illegality and “Artificial Price Suppression”

Our friend SGT from has released an excellent article on an investigation on gold and silver price manipulation completed by the Treasurer of South Carolina.  We're sure our readers can guess what the S.C. Treasurer's office discovered in their investigation...and unlike the CFTC, it didn't take them 3.5 years before coming to a conclusion.

In 2011, after researching the State’s options for investing in gold and silver, The Office of the Treasurer of the State of South Carolina quietly released a ground-breaking “Gold and Silver Investments” report. This incredible report is a must-read for any one interested in gold and silver metals ownership or in understanding the criminality now inherent throughout the fractional-reserve banking and fractional-reserve bullion banking systems.
The report specifically cites the rampant illegality which now dominates the banking and bullion banking systems, noting that major components of current banking practices are in direct conflict with South Carolina laws. And in only six pages, one of the highest offices in state government validates all of the most significant precious metals manipulation claims made over the years by GATA, Bill Murphy, Chris Powell, Adrian Douglas, Ted Butler, Eric Sprott and the rest of us in the precious metals news and information community.

The author of the report clearly understands the illegal and deliberate nature of the banking cartel’s price suppression schemes and ultimately concludes that investing in gold and silver is therefore too risky for a State government. In the report the Office of the Treasury specifically cites the illegal nature of the fractional reserve bullion banking and COMEX schemes. The author specifically notes that COMEX and bullion banking practices are in direct conflict with the South Carolina Code of Laws, 1976 SECTIONS 11-9-660.

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