Friday, March 23, 2012

Former World Bank Vice President talks to Lauren Lyster About US Nomination to Replace Zoellick

Developing nations will reportedly nominate two candidates to the world bank while the white house has until 6PM tomorrow to get it’s nomination in…but will go on to be the President? A lot of people say it’s no mystery, it will be an American. We’ll talk about why and at what cost to the world bank’s legitimacy as a global institution with the former vice president Ian Goldin.

Meanwhile, you may have your I-phone, maybe your I-pad, what about an account at your I-bank? We’ll about what apple is doing to join the battle against the too big to fail banks. And in radically different news, it appears that male sperm may be in a bull market after a report that men in Zimbabwe are having their sperm stolen by women looking to cash in!