Saturday, February 4, 2012

James Dines: 'Wealth In The Ground' Is Your Best Bet to Surviving the Coming 'Supernova of Inflations'

Chris Martenson has released an excellent interview with James Dines regarding protecting yourself from the coming Supernova of Inflations with wealth in the ground.
We couldn't agree more- particularly if that wealth is buried 4-6 feet underground in a secure vault at a remote, unknown location.

Dines' thoughts on Gold:
The price of gold and silver did not go up. It is the paper money that went down. Gold and silver are the ultimate money, coins of which are good anywhere in the world, no matter what is stamped on them, and that is the money. Depending on the amount of paper each nation prints is the price of gold in that particular country, or in that particular currency.
That is one way we were protected by the price of gold. Gold is the only investible asset in the world that has gone up the last 11 years without interruption, and that is because they are just running the printing presses. The more they do, the more value builds into gold and silver. Now of course, it will have its fluctuations. It went down in the 2008 crash but came right back up and made new highs. We tend to ride those out, and it is very important understanding what the main trend is. When you are really clear what is happening in the world, you know how to place your bets, instead of doing it blindly or just following casual recommendations from people.
We agree almost completely on gold & silver- with the added thoughts that the decades long price suppression will result in an increase in the value of gold and silver that far exceeds the mere devaluation of fiat- gold and silver are also strongly appreciating against other tangible assets.