Wednesday, December 28, 2011

JB Slear on Today's Gold and Silver Smash

Gold and silver delivery man JB Slear states that physical metal purchasing has picked up DRAMATICALLY with today's PM smash.

Some quick thoughts about today's so called safe haven US Dollar rally. Today is the last trading day for Physical purchases in the December contracts in both Silver and Gold.
Talk about a fireside sale eh? .... The shenanigans have lasted longer than anyone had thought, but nothing has changed in regards to debt... Everyone I know who owns a house, has lost value in their purchases, very little debt is being cleared up on the personal levels because jobs are hard to find and keep. The understanding people are gaining regarding the Federal Reserve and it’s overworked “currency printing devaluing mechanism” is completely opposite of what is happening in the precious metals market these last few weeks. This activity can’t last much longer because the physical purchasing has picked up dramatically, I should know, I the alchemist who converts paper into Gold .... Stay Strong!!

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