Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CBS Ridicules Ron Paul Over Taxpayer Spending, Hilarity Ensues

So let's get this straight.  Obama charters separate private jets for himself and the Mrs. for family vacation trips to Martha's Vineyard and Hawaii, as well as throws private theme parties at the White House for Halloween with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton hired to appear in full costume (and this is not even worthy of mentioning by the US media, only by a UK tabloid like paper), yet CBS accuses Ron Paul of wasting taxpayer funds by flying first class back and forth between DC and his Texas office, and for booking the expensive government class tickets with Continental which are flexible for scheduling, rather than the cheaper economy tickets!!! 
This is the best dirt CBS can up with on Ron Paul?  The guy flies first class rather than coach!?! Bwahahahaha!

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has been spending large amounts on airfare as a congressman, flying first class on dozens of taxpayer-funded flights to his home state. The practice conflicts with the image that Paul portrays as the only presidential candidate serious about cutting federal spending.
Paul flew first class on at least 31 round-trip flights and 12 one-way flights since May 2009 when he was traveling between Washington and his district in Texas, according to a review by The Associated Press of his congressional office expenses. Four other round-trip tickets and two other one-way tickets purchased during the period were eligible for upgrades to first-class after they were bought, but those upgrades would not be documented in the expense records.
Paul, whose distrust of big government is the centerpiece of his presidential campaign, trusts the more expensive government rate for Continental Airlines when buying his tickets. Paul chose not to buy the cheaper economy tickets at a fraction of the price because they aren't refundable or as flexible for scheduling, his congressional staff said.

From AP/CBS. Link intentionally not provided