Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Silver Eagle Sales are Roaring

Don't look now, but American Silver Eagle Sales are about ready to take out all time highs in monthly sales volume.  To date, 2012 January's sales are at a blistering 5,172,000 ounces.

To put this in perspective here is the last 5 year's top sales month and the corresponding volume:

January 2011- 6,422,000
November 2010- 4,260,000
March 2009- 3,132,000
January 2008- 2,170,000
December 2007- 2,324,500

We are sure to still have the naysayers out there telling us why this number can't be accurate or why we need to take it with a grain of salt.  The list includes....

1.  US mint didn't report sales the last couple of weeks in 2011
2.  Dealers do not have a limit on how much SAEs they are able to purchase.
3. The numbers include the backlog of pre-sales for 2012 SAEs.

And I remind you, remember all the stories you heard in 2008 of how eagle sales were through the roof?  And yet this sales figure only includes a little over half of the first month of the year and it represents over 25% of all SAE sales in 2008!