Sunday, October 16, 2011

Silver Guru Jason Hommel Arrested for Assault/ Child Endangerment

Silver guru and bullion dealer Jason Hommel has been arrested and charged with assault/ child endangerment.
We wish the best to Mr. Hommel and his family during this time.
Eexcellent reminder that gold, silver, and financial security/ freedom are not the most important things in life.

Clearly this could be a simple and unacceptable case of extreme rage/temper, or it could also be a case of an attempt to discredit one who has openly attacked Obama, the cartel, and banksters in general.
One more reason why The Doc has chosen to keep his identity anonymous.....I don't desire to give the cartel/ elitists any incentive to discredit/demonize my personal reputation.

Gary Jacobson

A man is in jail after choking a woman while she was holding her baby. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says the incident took place late Tuesday evening on Brooks Road. 41 year old Jason Hommel was putting his crying eleven month old son to bed. The baby’s mother heard the cries become muffled and asked Hommel if he put something over the babies face. Sheriff Royal says he became enraged.
“He becomes angry and enraged and ultimately grabs her by the throat and starts choking her. She is forced to the ground and he gets on top of her. During this altercation, she is still holding the child in her arms and then he continues to choke her.”

Finally Hommel got off the victim, the entire time she was holding the baby. Sheriff Deputies took him into custody for suspicion of spousal abuse and child endangerment. He was booked at the Wayne Brown correctional facility. 
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Hommel, Jason - (M/X) Age: 41
15527 Brooks Rd
Grass Valley , CA 95945-4329 Verified Address

Reported: 10/12/2011 by Crime Reporter: 6145
Crime Report #: 6446990
Source: Nevada SD
F PC273.5 Inflict Corporal Injury On Spouse/Cohabitant
M PC273(A) Pay For Adoption
Bail Amount:
Residing in Crime Beat Zone: Grass Valley & Nevada City