Monday, December 5, 2011

Martin Armstrong: The Immediate Outlook for Coordinated Central Bank Intervention

Martin Armstrong discusses the immediate outlook for coordinated central bank currency intervention over the European debt crisis, and confirms that QE Will Continue to Infinity.....AND BEYOND!!!

It is clear that the Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe is becoming really serious in order to warrant such a public show of trying to flood the system with money. All our political sources in Germany have confirmed that if it is a choice between the failure of the Euro and inflation, there will be no question that the latter will prevail.
The greatest danger here is still the failure to directly address the Sovereign Debt Crisis. This can easily be seen as a failure of the entire system. Once again, there is no substance and this is a dangerous coordinated multi-nation move that only confirms the deepening crisis faced by the global economy as a whole.
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Coordinated Central Bank Intervention

The Immediate Outlook

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