Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jim Sinclair Selling Connecticut Farm/ Estate: Plans to Become an Expatriate

The man who predicted gold would reach $1600 while it was trading below $300 and was ridiculed by nearly everyone, has placed his 34-acre Connecticut farm/ estate up for auction and plans to flee from the growing fascism in the US. Sinclair states on JSMineset that those who decide to stay will look back and recall his advice to leave the US come 2015-2017.
Like many, Sinclair can see the writing on the wall for the end of prosperity and freedom in America. 
Clearly, putting one's 34-acre estate up for auction with plans of becoming an expatriate is not a small nor an easy decision. 

Full details of the Sinclair Farm/Estate Auction can be found below, and we would like to open this up as an open thread regarding our readers' thoughts both pro and con to the topic of fleeing a growing fascist state formerly known as America. 
Has the time come to flee?

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