Friday, December 30, 2011

BFTD! Nothing Shines Brighter Than Silver!

SGT has interviewed our friend Chris Duane (the Silver Shield) of regarding the latest smash in silver.  Duane provides an explosive interview with SGT on why you need to BTFD or STACK THE SMACK RIGHT NOW!!!

I am working furiously right now buying silver and I hope you are too. I have gone to extreme measures to free up capital everything from selling our second car, garage sales, and now dumping all the gold that I can to buy silver. In the past week or so I have made that largest silver purchases since 2005, even more than I bought in the 2008 smackdown. With the Commercial Short position at a decade low, the explosive upside potential is awesome. After the 60% 2008 smackdown silver went up 400%, if we match that we would see $125 silver. Let’s be honest here, if that happens this time with no exponential short position for the banks to worry about, in such a limited physical market, during a paper fiat financial crisis, silver will not be available at any fiat price.
Entire SGT interview with Chris Duane below: