Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scotia Adjusts 1.2 Million Ounces of Phyzz into REGISTERED Vaults!

On what one would expect to be a relatively quiet holiday week, we have seen massive inventory movements and withdrawals during the first two days of the week (including nearly 3 million ounces of phyzz withdrawn yesterday alone) from COMEX warehouse silver vaults.
That did not change today, as we have numerous withdrawals and adjustments of registered silver inventories to report, including a 300,000 ounce withdrawal from Brink's, and a 1.2 million ounce adjustment into registered vaults by Scotia Mocatta!


*Brink's had another massive withdrawal of 302,588 ounces out of REGISTERED VAULTS!
*Brink's also had a small withdrawal of 2,002 ounces out of eligible vaults

*HSBC adjusted 10,447 ounces out of eligible vaults, and into registered vaults

*Scotia Mocatta
adjusted a massive 1,166,322 ounces out of eligible vaults, and into REGISTERED vaults!

*No Changes for Delaware or JP Morgan

increased to 33,438,136 ounces
*TOTAL COMEX ELIGIBLE SILVER declined to 72,114,104 ounces
*TOTAL COMEX SILVER Inventories declined to 105,552,240 ounces

The million-four ounces of MF Global clients' silver confiscated by Corzine and The Morgue remain unaccounted for an unavailable for delivery

*Registered ounces of metal currently not available  for delivery
as of 11/4/11 due to MFGI bankruptcy. Included in above totals.

DEPOSITORY  Registered 
Brinks 210,320
Delaware 65,706
HSBC 793,734
Scotia Mocatta 351,156

Clearly massive inventory volatility continues to only increase in the COMEX warehouse silver vaults- indicating just how tight the silver market is currently.  Can you imagine the implications if/when Sprott attempts to secure even a fraction of the 50 million ounces a new $1.5 billion PSLV placing indicates?

As Cleburne61 states-  Sprott's filing is THE news of the month!