Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Q&A With The Doc: In the Wake of MFG, Is My Physical Silver Safe With Any Dealer?

Ken writes:

I got to wondering when I read one of your articles "Brink's received a deposit of 4,725 ounces into eligible vaults". With MFGlobal, etc. and no laws being enforced do you think I should have concern with my storage at Brinks?
I want to thank you for your excellent and hard work putting together information for us to read.

Ken, I'm not a licensed investment adviser so all I can say is what I would do if it were THE DOC'S silver sitting in Brink's vaults. 
If it were MY silver, I would have personal delivery requested today, and I would be on the phone until I had a delivery confirmation number .  We are getting closer to the endgame- the cartel will behave more and more like a cornered rat as the end game nears. They have no regard for the rule of law, as indicated by the theft of over 1 million ounces of silver from MF Global clients.  I would take personal delivery of ALL silver.  I am personally even seriously considering liquidating my roughly 20% total net worth position in gold and silver mining shares and converting to physical gold and silver in my own possession.  I have been 100% phyzz in the past, and it is nearing the time to return, as I believe it will be critical to be out of paper assets prior to a dollar collapse.
If you own allocated or unallocated silver at any major bullion depository that is not your own personal possession, expect major resistance when you make this phone call.  Expect the depository to begin by attempting to talk you out of physical delivery, then transferring you to department after department, and then finally, major stall tactics.  Stay persistent and make a scene if you must until they relent.  Those who beat the bank run will get their phyzz.  Those who show up during the run and join the line will receive IOU's and paper cash settlements.
Possession is 99.9999% of the law in today's world.  MF Global is a small prelude to the main event, but it has been enough to prove that the rule of contract law is meaningless in 2011 America. 

Hope this helps.