Sunday, November 6, 2011

Greek Parties Nearing Agreement on Unity Government Not Led by G-Pap

It appears that offering to allow the citizens to vote in a referendum on the Greek bailout has cost G-Pap the support of the banksters, who have canceled the referendum, and have quickly moved to oust him from the PM position.

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, trying to preserve international aid before the nation runs out of money next month, raced to form a unity government after the opposition’s leader demanded he step down before he would sign up to an agreement.
The parties were nearing an agreement on a unity government with the main sticking point being a demand by New Democracy, Greece’s largest opposition party, that Papandreou resign before a deal is concluded, deputy government spokesman Angelos Tolkas told state-run NET TV.
Opposition LAOS party leader George Karatzaferis said a new premier had been decided even as details remained to be worked out. He didn't identify the new prime minister. Papandreou's resignation was “a formality,” he said.

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