Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jesse Ventura Vows to Apply for Mexican Citizenship After Lawsuit Against TSA Thrown Out

Rather than directing lawsuits against the TSA, lawsuits should be directed against the actual TSA employee committing the illegal search and seizure.  The Doc believes this would be the best way to undermine the fascist system.  Put a fear of PERSONAL LIABILITY in the TSA employees, and TSA employees blindly following the illegal directives of the TSA will come to a quick end.

Jesse Ventura TSA Lawsuit Tossed Out
TYRANNY ALERT: Jesse Ventura called an impromtu press conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota after being told that the court in which he filed a lawsuit against the TSA for what he considers an unreasonable search and seizure process did not have jurisdiction over the matter. Infuriated, Ventura called the United States the “Fascist States of America.” The former Minnesota Governor insists he will “never stand for a national anthem again” and vowed to apply for Mexican citizenship.
The Body's full Press Conference can be seen below: