Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ron Paul Raises $8 Million in Q3- Nearly Double $4.5 M Raised in Q2

How much of Rick Perry's $17 Million raised during Q3 do you suppose was thanks to Bank of America?

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) raised over $8 million in the third quarter of the year. That’s about half as much as Texas Gov. Rick Perry , but it’s a healthy haul.
The Texas congressman and 2012 candidate announced the total at a National Press Club speech Wednesday, saying, “We are very pleased with that and believe that will give us the energy to keep the campaign moving right along.” He added, “I'm not very good at remembering the details of campaigning, because I get very much involved in economic policy and foreign policy and I don't talk a whole lot about the intricacies of the campaign.” The libertarian-leaning presidential candidate took in $4.5 million last quarter.

He also raised $3 million in the first quarter of the year, before announcing his presidential bid, but $2 million of those dollars went to a 501(c)4 organization that cannot transfer funds to a political campaign. Paul has yet to report his cash-on-hand.
Eight million is also significantly more than the $5 million Paul raised in the same three months of 2007. That was before the $6 million one-day fundraising drive that winter, a success the campaign has yet to replicate in this cycle.
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