Tuesday, October 18, 2011

COMEX Silver Inventory Update 10/18/2011

Brink's had several large inventory movements both in and out of vaults, Scotia adjusted phyzz into REGISTERED vaults, and JP Morgan found 4 silver eagles in the closet during Monday's Comex trading.


*Brink's received a large deposit of 580,111 ounces into eligible vaults
*Brink's also had a withdrawal of 186,236 ounces out of eligible vaults

*No Changes for The Delaware Depository or HSBC

*JP Morgan adjusted 4 silver eagles into eligible vaults!  Nice work Mr. Janitor!

*Scotia Mocatta adjusted 4,983 ounces out of eligible and into registered vaults

*TOTAL REGISTERED SILVER Inventories increased by 4,983 ounces to 30,975,528 ounces
*TOTAL ELIGIBLE SILVER Inventories increased a net 388,896 ounces to 75,225,301 ounces
*TOTAL COMEX SILVER Inventories increased to 106,200,829 ounces