Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wynter Benton Latest: JPM Stock Will Trade in the $20's By October, Silver to $120 by End 2011!

Last week we reported that the Wynter Benton group had predicted that a central bank has been accumulating silver as a reserve asset, and will be publicly announcing this fact soon.

Wynter Benton's latest messages posted this morning predict that if silver does NOT dip below $36 in September (a dip we believe is extremely unlikely), JP Morgan's stock will be below $30 when it releases quarterly earnings, and possibly below $20 when it reports silver derivative losses in October.

They also state that if silver dips below $40 in September they will STAND FOR DELIVERY, rather than accepting Blythe's cash premium to roll forward.  The group states that if silver remains over $36, the JPMorgan derivative bomb will detonate taking silver to $80-$120 by the end of the year.

Could The Morgue be on its way to The Morgue??

If silver doesn't dip below $36 in September 
then the stock price of JPM will be

below $30 by the time it reports its earnings. And after The Morgue reports its derivative losses in October, will The Morgue even be in the 20s anymore? Hang tight, it doesnt seem like we will ever see a silver price below $36 again which means The Morgue is "deaded".

Deaded-as in past tense of dead.

What are you gonna do, Jes? Now we want your head too.

You're going home in a body bag, do da, do da.....

Re: If silver doesn't dip below $36 in september 

Our main purpose is to defend $36 and detonate the derivative bomb that will send silver well over $80 by the end of the year. Perhaps even to $120 before all is said and done.

And just to make sure silver doesnt go below $36, we will be holding contracts for delivery throughout september and will hold these contracts as hostages in case The Morgue decides to get cute with the price.

I.e., if silver is under $40 then we will demand physical delivery and not take the cash premiums that is so generously offered. If silver is above $50, then of course we would be happy to sell these same contracts for a hefty profit (plus those hefty premiums as a cherry on top). It's your call, Blythe, but either way....

You're going home in a body bag, do da, do da......

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