Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wynter Benton: Central Bank Annoucement on Accumulating Silver as a Reserve Asset Imminent!

While the silver community is divided as to the legitimacy of the Wynter Benton group (ex-JP Morgan traders fired by Blythe in July of 2010 looking to now destroy JPM using their own naked silver shorts), the latest Wynter Benton message posted today is such a dramatic game changer if true, that we felt we must post it.

The Wynter Benton group alleges that a major sovereign central bank has been accumulating physical silver as a reserve asset and will soon publicly announce this fact.

Confirmation of the remonetization of silver by CENTRAL BANKS could well thrust a final dagger into the heart of the cartel.

If true, The Doc's $70 silver target for the end of 2011 may well end up being humorously low.

Perhaps this explains silver's nearly $2.50 jump today to $41.27, and perhaps this could also explain why China went from exporting 100 million oz of silver /year in 2007 to IMPORTING 100 million oz in 2010?

Silver will soon be a reserve asset for a sovereign central bank 

The Leader wishes to inform his readers that a sovereign central bank will soon announce that it is accumulating silver as a reserve asset.

Also he is advising those who have participated so successfully in the latest gold run to shift their entire focus to the silver market.

As to Jes Staley, The Leader will give his reply at the appropriate moment.

You're going home in a body bag, do da, do da.....