Sunday, August 21, 2011

Worst Week of My Life!

I know I'm still new to this site, and most readers probably don't even know who I am yet...but I just need to rant today.
This has been the absolute worst week of my life!
Things were bad enough already after Wynter's latest message on the 7th threatening to take things nuclear within 2 weeks. Jes didn't believe him, but of course I'll be blamed when Wynter follows through. It was only my brilliant action of acquiring massive amounts of physical silver in April that prevented their last attack from ending in absolute disaster for us. Do I get thanked for that? Nooooo. Blythe got chewed out for buying phyzz. Idiots.
Jes and Jamie have practically put a puppy collar on me this week. Literally every 5 minutes I get a text or phone call from one of them screaming at me to do something about gold!
I've been keeping silver under $40, you would think that would be enough for them, but Nooooo.
First $1750, then $1800, then $1850, even $1870! Its like watching your life flash before your eyes! I think I need to get a guard dog and a shotgun.

If that wasn't bad enough, Hugo Chavez comes out of the jungle and demands we return his 99 tons of gold! Can you imagine that!?! 99 tons! Where the f*@* am I gonna find 99 tons of gold?
They wouldn't even give me 17,000 bars of that gold covered tungsten stuff at Fort Knox...

Wait a sec....

Could Wynter have been behind this Venezuela BS? Its not possible....Is it? Is it?

Would explain his thermonuclear reference Jess and Jamie thought he was bluffing with.

Must stay focused.
The place where we coated our tungsten back in '97 went out of business in '03....anybody have any idea where I can place an order for 17,000 yellow tungsten bars and have em ready by Thursday?

Even if I can get the bars made in time....while I was distracted silver just shot to $43 on Friday!
$43! There's no resistance between $43 and $50!
If silver breaks $50 I'm gonna need a new passport and something better than the witness protection program!

Wait a sec...what if the plane accidentally crashed on its way to Venezuela!
Crap...its gonna take like 20 planes to transport 17,000 400oz bars.
I wonder if just the first plane accidentally crashed if they would change their minds?

Oh man, Asia opens in 6 hours. I need a drink. And a vacation.
I didn't sign up for this.....