Thursday, August 11, 2011

SilverDoctors Welcomes Blythe!

It is hard to believe that a google search of my blog brings up as the top search result rather than my own excellent website.

While I feel that offers a great resource for silver investors, I believe that the site is highly biased towards a specific viewpoint, and I will be attempting to moderate readers views on silver.

I will attempt to occasionally provide unbiased commentary into the REAL workings of the commodities market, including gold and silver.

Jim Sinclair, The Doc, and others have been in an uproar since 2008 about how credit default swaps are destroying the financial system.


You can't lose sight of how vital a tool derivatives are in creating jobs and growth.

Let us also remember that derivatives from a crucial part in our economy by lowering costs and managing risks for business.

I provided a correct understanding on the workings of and the benefit to humanity that credit default swaps provide with my testimony to the European Crisis Commission, which I included below.

Silver is such a minor, barbaric, trivial player in the global modern world today, that highly educated financial readers such as yourselves should turn your attention to the asset class that can provide the ultimate benefit for humanity by creating jobs and growth and lowering systemic risk, financial derivatives.