Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stewart Thomson: Don't Attempt to Predict Gold Corrections, EMBRACE Them

Stewart Thomson discusses the head and shoulders chart formation being painted in the gold charts by the cartel (As also discussed recently at TFMetals), and gives excellent advice that can be used for both silver and gold.
Stop attempting to trade your physical positions by "timing" gold and silver corrections.
This is an act of absolute stupidity.  Use corrections to ACCUMULATE ADDITIONAL gold and silver.

This crisis can only be ended by a massive revaluation of gold, either directly, or through money printing as the official policy of the US Treasury & Federal Reserve. The bottom line is that the crisis can’t be solved, but it can be ended. It ends with the marking to market of the real balance sheet of the world, which means the average person is marked to extreme poverty.

Selling what gold you have now, in size, to “get it cheaper”, demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of what gold is, what this crisis is, and is an act of absolute stupidity.

Similar actions have brought nothing but overall harm from $250-$1900, and they will bring exponentially greater harm going forwards, with “breadline time” now on the table as the real downside risk for the world’s flip traders who insist on engaging in dollar-obsessed market action.

Now is a time to trade less, appreciate more, and embrace all gold sales. Don’t predict a gold sale. Appreciate it when it happens.
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