Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Guest Post: Ron Paul is Running for President Because He is NEEDED

Will the American People Choose
This in 2012?

When all is said and done, I will have voted AGAINST Barack Hussein Obama-via whatever candidate the majority of us chooses. While we still have time to debate, I am speaking out for Ron Paul.
Though I am not a Libertarian, nor agree 100% with what he says, a good amount of his views have captured my heart and my mind.
I believe he has demonstrated his steadfastness to truth and will not give in to the political/power machine in Washington or Internationally.
This time out the math is the easy part...we are in TROUBLE. The hard part is electing a President that has great Knowledge, Spirit, Character and Determination to start us down the path toward correcting the largest economic crisis Man has ever created.  This will be a painful, bitter period in our history.  Many close to Mr. Paul do not want him to win election, for they fear the public sentiment during this time period will reflect badly on him.
Ron Paul is not running to look good. He is running because he is needed.

IF our country survives, He will go down in History as a great man turning the tide of a great crisis.
I have observed that throughout American history; in times of great challenge, the human spirit has always manifested itself in wise men and women. They shine so brightly with the benefit of hindsight. However, when those moments were real time we tend to forget that we ARE those scared, flesh and blood people that make history NOW. It usually takes a great deal of suffering for people to learn their lessons. I think that the majority of our country is in that, "teachable moment."
It may be coincidence that each of us are all living in these "interesting times" together- but I think not.
Our brief history also shows us that enough men and women, at the proper time, came together and saw the Light of Liberty shining from the Representative they KNEW would be a proper steward to guide them forward. I believe we are seeing that now with Ron Paul.
The largest thought manipulation and propaganda machine ever conceived of in human history (our media) has been aimed at Dr. Paul for decades, doing EVERYTHING in their power to ridicule him and keep him out of our public discourse. Yet he remains at the forefront. WE refuse to let HIM be ignored. The real question now is, are their enough of us that want a return to first principles?
We reached a moment of Critical Mass back in 2010. The media labeled those fighting for smaller government "Tea baggers".
In 2012 we will be facing another chance to decide who we want to Represent us. I pray the media will get to report 2012 as a "Tea Party" on Steroids!
I believe that we are never given a problem without also being given the means to solve it. This does not imply that the solution will be easy or immediate. 
It will take time and conscience direction of our resources to lead us back to prosperity.
Hard times are ahead no matter what we do. We see looting and rioting all over the globe. But please remember that The United States of America is the light of the world when it comes to witnessing The Peaceful Transition of Power to all of Mankind.
Don't forget that FREEDOM is our Divine right. There is more at stake here than the welfare of these temporal bodies we occupy. It is time to look for the LIGHT in the men and women we loan our sacred power to.
All corners of spiritual belief have spoken of a great awakening coming in 2012. I do not pretend to know what it is.
However, I do not believe in "coincidence."
It has been said, "BE the change you want to see in this world." Our minds may request it of ourselves, but it is our spirit, that will bring this request into manifestation.
Ideas increase by being given away. And if you want to show someone you have an idea you must tell it to them, (give it away) in order to prove you have it.
With a physical asset such as an ounce of silver, to prove I have it I must show it to you. If you liked it and wanted to keep it, I could give it to you, but I would no longer own it.  
However, once an idea is shared and believed by you and me, it holds the potential to be owned by both of us; the giver and the receiver.
I look at it like the Parable of the "Loaves and fishes" What appears to be a small amount can easily be shared with an entire crowd!
It was then, and remains now, a miraculous exchange- to those who believe.
Get the word out about Ron Paul.
Speak your truth!!!
Despite the media; What resonates will spread.
What rings false will fade away.
Witness Ron Paul in this election cycle to see how he resonates with his countrymen.
You can also watch our current President as his lies fade away.
D. James LaSalle
"The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." - Plato