Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Silver Doctor Daily News Update: JAKE IS MISSING!

It's official: the Doctor is not in the house.
What you see above is an article from the super-secret Silver Doctor's Daily, where the Doctors get their crucial information to spread the seeds of knowledge across the lands. Yes, it is quite new, and we are still working out the kinks, so bear with the poorly spaced text and the epic-ness of the situation.

This article is from TOMORROW'S edition of this astounding news report, front page, pretty important stuff. 

According to officials, Jake is now officially 'Missing.' It's been well over 24 hours, and noone's heard a peep. 

Per requested, I cut out this article, sprinted to the local Kinko's and scanned it over to Headquarters. Where they de-crypted the secret symbolic language that we use amongst one another, and translated it beautifully, I must say.

Thanks, fellas. 

This article is a call to the readers, a vote as to whether you enjoyed Jake's presence, and information, and whether a Manhunt is necessary. Good men are hard to find. And, this is a community, collaborating and sharing our passions and angst. 

What do you think?

Yay or Nay!?

Manhunt, or let Jake be?

Regardless, Jake, thank you for your expertise. Your work was not in vain. 

-Mr. M