Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HSBC Loses Nearly 1 Million Ounces of Silver Monday

Over one million ounces of silver were withdrawn from COMEX warehouses on Monday, with 3 inventory movements to report.

Silver Warehouse Inventory Update 8/16/2011

*Brink's- No movement
*The Delaware Depository adjusted 9,997 ounces from registered into eligible silver vaults (although somehow 10 ounces were lost in the process and only 9,987 were received bythe eligible vaults? Did someone drop a 10-ounce bar?)
*HSBC had a massive withdrawal of 994,740 ounces from eligible vaults
*The Morgue- No movement as always
*Scotia Mocotta had a withdrawal of 30,671 ounces from eligible vaults

*Total Registered Silver Inventory declined by 9,997 ounces on the day to 27,944,101 ounces
*Total Eligible Silver Inventory declined by a net 1,015,444 ounces to 77,323,677
*Total COMEX Silver Inventory declined to 105,267,778 ounces