Friday, August 19, 2011

The Cartel Strikes Back: S&P Downgrades Venezuela to B+

The New Revolucion is GOLD
You didn't think that the cartel would just sit there and politely hand Mr. Chavez his 210 tons of gold back now, did you?

The first retaliatory shot has been fired in the great gold war.
In another Friday night shocker, S&P tonight downgraded Venezuela's credit rating to B+ from BB-.
Shockingly, S&P actually admited that the reason for the downgrade was Hugo Chavez demanding Venezuela's gold be repatriated from the BOE (kept by JP Morgan and friends)!
S&P "expressed concern" that Venezuela's gold will no longer be held at The Morgue.

Standard & Poor's on Friday downgraded Venezuela's credit ratings as it implemented a new methodology more heavily focused on political risk—a key weakness in the oil-producing country.
S&P cut Venezuela's long-term sovereign rating to B-plus from BB-minus. The outlook on the new rating is stable.

However, S&P expressed concern about the actual level of Venezuela's gold and foreign exchange reserves after reports that the country plans to repatriate them.
"When you have the reserves held abroad, you do have some level of confidence," Arevalo told Reuters in an interview. "That is not going to be the case anymore. They are going to be held at the central bank domestically, then you fall in the same circle of lack of transparency that everything else has in Venezuela."
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