Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8 Ways to Use Silver in a Currency Collapse

Silver bugs have flocked to silver to protect themselves from the coming collapse of the US dollar (as well as for huge potential gains thanks to a decade long short manipulation by the cartel).
Clearly, those holding hard money such as gold or silver will be much better prepared for a societal breakdown during a currency collapse than those holding paper fiat currency.

We thought it would be beneficial however, to discuss other important and useful ways silver can help you survive a temporary collapse of the just-in-time distribution/supply system during and after a period of hyperinflation. (many of these uses are superior to modern 'technology' and can be used today- no need to wait for a hyperinflationary collapse!)

Silver is bactericidal, fungicidal, algaecidal, and anti-yeast.  Silver is such an excellent bactericidal agent in fact, that scientists have yet to discover a microbe that silver will not destroy in under 6 minutes!
Many readers are aware of this vital property of silver, yet have not considered the myriad of ways that this can be put to use.

In a currency collapse, electricity may be spotty, and access to fresh foods will likely also be severely limited, EVEN FOR THOSE WITH HARD CURRENCY TO PURCHASE GOODS.  Many goods will not always be readily available, due to supply disruptions.
A clean water and food supply is critical, and silver is just what you need to help ensure the survival and prosperity of your family!

8 Ways to Use Silver in a Currency Collapse.

1. Place an ounce of silver in a gallon of milk to prevent spoilage. 
In the old days prior to refrigeration an ounce of silver was commonly added to a gallon of milk to destroy the bacteria causing spoilage.
Old time farmers often used silver lined milk pails to prevent spoilage of milk sitting out for hours on a hot day.

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2. Place an ounce of silver in each gallon of water you store up for a crisis.  The silver will act as a water sanitizer keeping the water safe for consumption. 
Again, this was common practice in the old west as pioneers commonly placed a few silver dollars in their water barrels and wells to keep the water potable.
Silver in your water dispensers will also prevent any grime buildup!
This can also double as a good hiding spot for some silver!

3. You can use silver as a food preservative in canning.
Again, just place an ounce or two in each canning jar.

4. Before the FDA came along, silver nitrate was applied to every newborn's eyes to prevent blindness from gonorrhea. A silver solution or cream can be applied to cuts, scrapes, burns, etc to prevent infection.

5. Silverware will prevent bacterial growth on utensils. 
Ever hear the phrase "born with a silver spoon in his mouth"? 
This came about from wealthy European families who would give their babies silver spoons to suck on to help protect them from the bubonic plague.
Silverware will help protect your entire family from sickness/infection in the event of unsanitary or lack of sanitary water for cleaning.

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Your Daughters' Friend
Without Her RX Acne Med
6.  Your teenage daughter will likely not have immediate access to her Proactive, Accutane, or Benzaclin when her acne prescription runs out in the aftermath of a dollar collapse. (although she is likely to inform you that her acne RX is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than food for your family!)
Imagine how much she will love her Daddy when you provide her with some silver sulfadiazine, colloidal silver, or silver soap, (which despite its silver content is MUCH less expensive than the RX options, is much less toxic, and is 50x MORE effective as a bactericide than any other agent!) allowing her skin to remain acne free, while all of her friends break out.

Your Daughter's Skin Thanks to Silver!

7. A silver carbon filter will allow you to continue the use of your swimming pool when toxic chemicals like chlorine are not available.  (Did we mention that silver is non-carcinogenic as chlorine is?)

8. And finally, silver is MONEY, which means you will be able to use it to purchase whatever goods and services are available during a currency collapse/ hyperinflation.

So which would you rather have?

Fiat paper...