Thursday, July 21, 2011

Silver Futures Trading Launches on the HKMEx

The COMEX/LBMA stranglehold on silver futures is now over. (hopefully, as former NYMEX Vice Chairman Albert Helmig is the new president of the HKMEx)
Silver futures trading is now live in Hong Kong, on the HKMEx.

Volume has opened very light, with 453 one-thousand ounce contracts (453,000oz) trading so far.
While volume should increase substantially throughout the day (HKMEx just opened), 453k is still a far cry from the 250 million paper silver contracts that the COMEX sold in a single minute this week to smack silver under $40.

Last* Change Open High Low Volume
Sep 201139.67-39.4939.6739.39227
Oct 2011-----0
Nov 2011-----0
Dec 201139.70-39.6939.7039.69226
Jan 2012-----0
Mar 2012-----0
May 2012-----0
Jul 2012-----0
Total Volume453