Friday, July 29, 2011

Martin Armstrong: Barbarians at the Gate Restructuring the World

Martin Armstrong weighs in on the US debt ceiling crisis.
Armstrong theorizes that our greatest problem is that our government operates on a vertical isolated core structure, which creates overlapping bureaucracies and agencies, and competing interests.
Armstrong also argues that the 2008 financial collapse and the coming dollar collapse is not the result of a vast government/elite conspiracy, but is in fact a result of these vertical isolated core structures in the Federal government as well as most corporations.
As always, Armstrong is a must read.

The young Republicans are refusing to compromise. They are changing the dynamics of politics more so than most expect.  This is the start of the third party movement that may take hold by 2016.  They are refusing to follow the party and are demanding deep cuts. 
They see half the problem correctly as it is the debt, but they are not addressing any lasting changes to the system ensuring this is going to get much worse.  The current debt ceiling crisis illustrates the problem of fragmentation and competition.  Unless there is a full scale willingness to review the entire structure and respect that everything has to be reorganized, we should expect more of the same.  This is competition, not cooperation.
So grab your socks, this is approaching the Barbarians at the Gate.

Barbarians at the Gate
Restructuring the World
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