Friday, July 29, 2011


CRIMEX Silver inventory volatility continued on Thursday, with several LARGE movements of silver to report.
COMEX Eligible supplies increased by 1.2 M oz on the day, yet Registered (deliverable) silver declined another 19,876 oz on the day to set another BRAND SPANKING NEW LOW of 26,729,370 oz

COMEX Silver Warehouse Inventory Report 7/29/2011
*Brink's had a massive deposit of 1,208,710 ounces into eligible vaults
*HSBS had a withdrawal of 12,022 ounces out of eligible vaults
*HSBS also had an adjustment of 19,876 ounces out of registered vaults and into eligible
*The Delaware Depository had a small withdrawal of 5,005 ounces from eligible vaults
*JP Morgue once again is sitting movement.

Total COMEX Registered silver declined by 19,876 ounces to 26,729,370.
Total COMEX Eligible silver increased a net 1,211,559 ounces to 77,446,921
Total COMEX silver inventories increased to 104,176,291

*As a note, the percentage of deliverable silver (registered) to total COMEX inventory continues to decline, dropping to 25.6%.