Friday, July 15, 2011

Guest Post: What Happens if the US Does Not Raise the Debt Limit by August 2nd?

What would happen to the United States of America if we did not raise the debt limit by August, 2 2011?

Well it depends on who you ask.

If you are in Power your answer will be very different from those that are not. I am not talking about Republicans or Democrats when I say Power; although both political parties share some blame here. I am talking about YOU AND ME. I am also talking about people that want our power-The Federal Reserve and their Owners. For it is here that the veiled struggle for control of our power is finally exposed and the clandestine power grab that we have been embroiled in since World War II is finally exposed for all to see.

Remember, our Media is owned by the same people who own the Federal Reserve. If we willingly follow their direction (PROGRAMMING) we are playing directly into their hands. They warn us- Not raising our debt limit will be "catastrophic." I have even heard, "the end of the world." used to scare me.

In this Media scenario the U.S. will default on Its' debts. This is not too different from you or me missing a car or mortgage payment. Our credit rating will go down. This will make the terms of any loans more risky for the lender and therefore our interest rates will go up. This is bad, but not the end of the world as it is claimed. If it ever came to us defaulting on our debts we would be forced to make deeper cuts in our budget to account for these interest increases...
But again- We will not default on our debt. We will make the cuts needed to keep our credit rating intact. It would be painful but we would make the cuts before a default rather than allow one. The course is pre-determined, the only choice we are given is this: Do you want to do it now or do you want to do it later?

Will the Chinese take the White House?
Next, our media goes on- The faith in our dollar will suffer. When countries we owe money to don't get paid, they are going to want whatever collateral we used to obtain the loan in the first place. If the White House was used as collateral, it could, theoretically, be foreclosed upon by China! Not very likely...

Radical thought is really common sense

The thinking man and woman should, by now, have guessed that a Debt Default is not in our best interest. Yet, they must also know that raising the debt limit is, likewise, not in our best interest. We are experiencing the full weight of our media being used to terrify us into making another poor decision, just like they did in 2008. The infusion of Money did not work then and it will not work now!

But, we as a nation still hold the power. The power to accept our mis-managed budget, to vote against a debt ceiling increase, and to re-prioritize where our money is spent. We still hold the power to tell our Representatives that they are not our LEADERS and we KNOW WE ARE IN CONTROL. When they return to doing our bidding, we will hear discussions- the likes of which have not been heard in America since our founding!


Christopher Greene has likened our economy to a drug addict. The economy needs money; the drug addict needs drugs. Without the drugs, the addict goes into withdrawals. They will do ANYTHING to get more drugs.
Withdrawals are painful to experience, but they are necessary effects that a body needs to go through to return to stasis. In that analogy few will argue the pain involved in correction is unnecessary or should be put off as long as possible! But, I think you will agree that detoxification is the only cure for an addict. The course is pre-determined. The only choice an addict has is to do it now or do it later. If you loved the addict I know you would tell them to do it immediately!!!!
Why the nonchalance with our Country?

Our Government is addicted to Money
If we cut our spending and pay our debts, life will go on. What gets cut? Well, that is where politics comes back in. and that is another topic entirely..
Very powerful forces are at play here to terrify the American people and scare them into giving away our power. There is still a chance we can recover. If there were not- we would have been taken over already.
We are the only people on the face of the Earth that hold the power of their Government in their hands. The Owners of the Federal Reserve know this. They also know that if we wake up to the truth about our economic options, we will NEVER be in a position to beg them for their "help" via a One World Currency. And a one world government not too far behind...
The fight for ownership of our country is underway. Do we use our power to tell our Elected Representatives to raise the debt ceiling?

I say NO!!!

I believe saying no to raising the debt ceiling is as natural and humane as denying drugs to an addict. We need to go through a detoxification. We hold the power to decide to do it now or do it later. I love this country and all she once stood for. I say experience the pain NOW!!!! and begin to heal.

"Do you want to contact somebody first? What does it matter? You're gonna come now or you're gonna come later." Joni Mitchell

By D. James LaSalle