Thursday, February 23, 2012

SD Reader's First Hand Account from Greece

SD reader Crazy Canuck writes about what his relatives are experiencing in Greece today.

My wife has several close friends living in and around Athens and a few other places in Greece. They recently told us that, Several of them who have jobs in various fields( civil servants, hotel staff, engineers, laborers, mechanics) have not been paid for several weeks to several months.
They are obliged to continue going to work every day, because if they quit or rebel against their employers, they will simply NOT be paid the monies they are owed. Their employers can't even tell them WHEN they will be paid.

Most of these people have banned together or are seeking help from family or friends. They are selling possessions to purchase food. There is alot of theft going on because alot of people don't know what else to do to feed themselves and their families. Apparently the feeling is that the Greek gov't doesn't want to hear or even give the impression that they care what the Greek people have to say about the bailouts or their future. They are genuinely scared of the mobs and the destruction that they believe is coming. I have met some of these people in the past and they are Just like you and me. Regular people just trying to survive the chaos.
We all need to remember. Greece is NOTHING compared to The USA....and by association, Canada and Mexico.
Now clear your head and ask yourself....When the contagion makes it to this side of the pond, and it WILL, What will I do if my livelihood disappears? Will I have the courage to stand up and fight the police and government? Will I defy the powers that be, even if it means indefinite incarceration or worse? Will I defend what's mine? Will I deny my friends and neighbors food, fuel and other necessities because they did not prepare as I did? Will I steal the same from my friends and neighbors to care for my family? Will I have what it takes mentally to endure from day to day while those around me falter. Will I have the compassion to help those who are in need,at my own expense?
I ask myself these questions often. It takes a certain kind of person to survive!

Get ready!!

Crazy Canuck