Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Doc Convinces a Doc to Invest $150,000 in Silver

A few weeks ago, we detailed The Doc's experience convincing an average Jane to invest in silver.
The Doc explained how he converted a good friend who is a junior high math teacher (who literally had no idea what gold and silver ARE) to invest her life savings (~ $7,000) into physical silver.
Today, The Doc celebrated Independence Day Weekend by making another convert to physical silver bullion- a medical doctor (we'll call him Joe) who owns his own multi-physician clinic.

Joe obviously has more education than Average Jane, and also has much more real life exerience with the ravages of inflation by owning his own medical clinic. 

Joe's compensation from medicaid and medicare is continually decreasing, even while the salaries of the physicians, nurses, office managers, and receptionists he employs are continually increasing.
Joe's wife is Bosnian, and she lived through a major war as well as a currency crisis before emigrating to the states, so he also has a much better understanding of the importance of REAL physical assets such as gold and silver than did Average Jane.

Joe has been considering investing in gold or silver for nearly 5 years now, but had yet to make a single purchase.  He watched this spring as silver ran nearly to $50 thinking he had missed the boat.
He has kept tabs on silver as it has corrected into the low $30's, yet Joe's life savings (north of $150,000) remained dying a slow death in a fiat savings account.

As of today, Joe's life savings has left the fiat world, and has shifted into nearly 5,000 ounces of physical silver.

So what was the tipping point?  How was The Doc able to move this medical doctor over the edge, and into the decision and ACTION of purchasing physical silver after years of contemplation?

In a word: Physical.

The Doc converted Joe in the exact same way that Average Jane was converted- by letting him hold REAL SILVER in his own hands.
There's Nothing Quite as Convincing as
Holding a Silver Eagle in Your Own Hand

Ironically, it was Average Jane's just delivered 100 silver eagles that did the convincing (The Doc's silver is in deep storage at numerous sites).

Joe didn't need an analysis of COMEX silver depletion, gold and silver price suppression, JP Morgue/HSBS naked shorting, QE3's inevitability, etc.

After Joe and his wife held physical silver for themselves, Joe had all the convincing he needed.
After helping Joe set up an account at a reputable online dealer, roughly 5,000 ounces of silver exited public supply.

Many silver bugs complain that friends and family are not interested in their arguments and recommendations of gold and silver as wealth preservation/ investments. 

From The Doc's experience in the past month, both with an Average Jane as well as with a medical doctor, perhaps we should spend far less time attempting to convince others of the merits of gold/silver, and more time letting them absorb the feeling of holding REAL MONEY in one's own hands. 

There's nothing like it.

Imagine if every reader let a family member or close friend hold an ounce of silver this 4th of July weekend.  How many more might come to financial freedom and independence this Independence Day?