Saturday, July 2, 2011

CRIMEX Silver Inventories Drop Another 736,472 Ounces, Make NEW LOW

Two large withdrawals to report from the 7/1 CRIMEX warehouse inventory update.
In total, another 736,472 ounces of silver left COMEX warehouses, dropping total inventory to a NEW LOW of 98,713,965 ounces!

COMEX Silver Warehouse Inventory Update 7/1/2011
*Brink's had a massive withdrawal of 706,468 ounces from eligible inventories
*HSBS had a withdrawal of 30,004 ounces from eligible inventories
*No movement once again in registered silver vaults
*No movement once again in JP Morgue's new vault

*Total Registered silver supplies remain unchanged at 28,090,714 ounces
*Total Eligible silver supplies declined 736,472 ounces to 70,623,251.
*Total CRIMEX Silver Inventory declined to a new low of 98,713,965 ounces