Friday, June 24, 2011

COMEX Silver Inventory Makes New All-Time Low, Down to Just 27.5 M Oz

The slow bleed continues.
COMEX deliverable silver inventories made another all-time low yesterday 6/23/2011, now down to 27,517,069 ounces
The decrease would have been much more severe would it not have been for an 626,961 ounce adjustment from eligible to registered supplies in the HSBS vault.

COMEX Silver Inventory Update 6/23/2011
*Brink's had a MASSIVE silver withdrawal of 825,450 ounces from registered supplies
*HSBS had a small withdrawal of 3,863 ounces from eligible supplies
*HSBS also made the previously mentioned adjustment of 626,961 ounces from eligible into registered category
*Delaware Depository had a small withdrawal of 1,888 ounces from eligible vaults.
*No silver entered the COMEX warehouses from any sources.

*Total Registered Silver declined to a new ALL-TIME low of 27,517,069 ounces.
*Total Eligible Silver declined again to 70,342,563 ounces.
*Total COMEX Silver supplies declined to a new low of 97,859,632 ounces.

Comex warehouse inventory report