Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cartel Initiated 10,000 New Silver Shorts Daily During Last Week's Raid

And the CFTC is supposedly investigating silver manipulation? Just how, prey tell, can you explain bullion banks, who ARE ALREADY MASSIVELY NAKED SHORT SILVER, adding 10,000 additional short positions daily during last week's raid?  And we are not talking about 10,000 cumulative, we are talking about transiently adding 10,000 shorts, and closing out the position before the end of the day.  Surely this was just hedging...for 6 hours?  

"Each day, except on Friday, May 6th, more than 10,000 short positions appeared to be transiently created, closed and recreated during the trading day. This must have required posting at least $180 million in performance bonds. However, to give credit to the ingenuity of the manipulators, most cash is recouped by the end of the trading day. With access to Federal Reserve loan windows, putting up an infinite amount of upfront fiat cash in the morning of a trading day is no deterrent."

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