Monday, April 2, 2012

25 Year COT Gold, Silver Chart Analysis

Silver Watchdog has compiled 25 year gold and silver COT charts, analyzing the increase in total commercial long positions vs. commercial short positions, and speculator longs vs. speculator shorts since 1986. 
The results are simply astounding.

The commercial long and shorts have increased nearly in unison over the past 25 years in gold, while the large speculator long positions have outpaced the large speculator short positions in gold throughout the past 25 years. 

Silver's charts paint an entirely different story:

(Note: this chart is labelled incorrectly, commercial shorts are the white line, longs are orange)

compared with gold....

*Edit- after posting this we have realized that this chart by Silver Watchdog is not accurate, as the commercial's short position is currently approximately double its long position. 

Here is a more accurate gold chart by our own Marshall Swing: