Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mr. M: The Unconscious Unacceptance in the Unnecessary Murders

In 1937, W.H. Auden wrote this line,

“The conscious acceptance of guilt in the necessary murder”

It comes from a poem called “Spain”, which was written in response to the Spanish Civil War. The poem later received much criticism and was dropped from the publications of his work due to that line alone. It seems that nobody was yet able to consciously accept the guilt, even far after the ‘necessary murder.’

This poem, and the avoidance of its message, exemplifies not only the mind-state of the populous in Spain at that time, but the mind-state of the American masses at this time as well.

The Iraq war is ‘finished’ – how much attention has this gotten in the Mainstream Media? Why isn’t anyone celebrating as hard as they did when Osama was apparently ‘killed’? Why is there no relief? Isn’t it finally over!??


Because the mainstream consumer-feed doesn’t want relief, because the wars aren’t over, because we shouldn’t get comfortable in not having conflict, because then we might actually do something substantial and tangible to oppose the nonsense that the United States government continues to perpetuate. 

Get used to peace?


Nobody wants to admit any wrongdoing or express any guilt from Iraq. The poli-ticks don’t want real debates about Iraq, or the moral ramifications of the 10 year war that killed over a million Iraqi men, women and children. USA would rather plow through the neighbors under more false pretenses that Israel can come up with.

The propaganda machine has already wheeled out its brain-softeners the world over in order to prepare the populations for another war. The scam is to speak about the ‘possibility of war’ for so long without actually doing anything. It will give the illusion that, since so much time has passed, and so many talking heads have repeated its name, that it is being considered thoughtfully and carefully.

People will be so sick of it, that when it does finally happen the sheeple will think, “Well, it’s about time!! After all this talk about doing it!!”

They will be so tired of hearing about it that once a decision has been made, they will be over it, begging to forget about it through the latest Chinese modern distraction. And, the machine will heed the masses’ call and become quiet, mentioning it only when massive amounts of unpatriotic wacko’s assemble and protest against it.

The masses fail to see how cleverly orchestrated the propaganda is. It is the equivalent to slowly boiling a frog so that it doesn’t notice that it’s being boiled until its too late. Throw the frog in the steaming pot, and it will immediately hop out in reactionary refusal, but spoon feed the heat, and the frog will adapt to the warmth along the way, slowly cooking itself in what it believes to be a luxurious Jacuzzi.

A simple Google search titled, “Israel blames Iran” will bring up more hit pieces, with more logical blunders than a celebrity smut magazine. Go ahead, try it. You'll also notice how synchronized those hit pieces are by media stations all across the globe. Not that I expect you to be surprised, but it's always a trip to see it in action. 

It's not like anyone is reading the content anyways. While everyone is mourning Whitney Houston’s death, buying up her Greatest Hit albums from the record labels’ exploitations, everyone is merely skimming the headlines of the latest developments in Iran.

Why? Because they’ve already heard the debate go back and forth so many times that they don’t know what to believe. So, to soothe the cognitive dissonance from the purposefully mind-numbing rhetoric they will, in frustration, take whatever is given to them. And, whatever is given to them – as we have all seen – most likely won’t be in our best interests.

Then, Iraq will be forgotten, as the ‘leaders’ aren’t interested in accepting any guilt for, or claiming any responsibility for a pointless, destructive war. So much so that they, like evil parents who shackle and shelter their kids to ‘protect them’, don’t want Americans to feel any guilt either, or to even think that we should feel guilty. Definitely not while we are being groomed for the next flavor of the week.

How do we, as human beings, expect to ever evolve if we keep falling for the same tricks? How long will it take for us to truly understand, on a human level, that there is no glory in war, and our safety is being compromised ­– not ensured – by the United State’s unrestricted aggressiveness?

If I were to write a poem, in response to the wars of America, explaining how the Americans have lost their ability to feel, but have gained a supernatural ability to forget, rationalize and detach, it would be very similar to that of Auden’s written in 1937. And, if it were to have one line that would most certainly be scrubbed from the minds of any ignorant zealot of the elite through denial of thought, feeling, and general humanity, this line would read,

“The unconscious unacceptance of guilt in the unnecessary murders.”