Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Silver Goes Green

RSC's .99999
Macaw Round
Now even your green hippie co-workers can be convinced to pick up some phyzz.
Royal Silver Company of Panama which produces the world's only 5 nine silver coins has developed new technology capable of processing any silver ore into pure .99999 silver with zero-emissions. 

The Royal Silver Company is a Panama corporation with a wholly-owned subsidiary in Bolivia. By using only water, oxygen, air products and a catalyst, the company has invented a new technology that processes any complex sulfide silver ore and concentrate with zero-emissions.
According to Brian McConnell, CEO of Royal Silver Company, the new technology will change the way metals are produced in the twenty-first Century. “As far as we know, we operate the world’s only zero-emissions, poly-metallic smelter. Complex sulfide ores go in, pure metals come out, without a molecule of contamination released to the environment. Our process can be used in other mining districts around the world, which is why we patented the process in the USA. We have a large-scale plant waiting in the wings here in Bolivia, ready to go into service once we increase our cryogenic oxygen plant capacity.” The new smelter processes 3 tons per day of high-grade silver concentrates on a pilot scale.
Quality is not sacrificed by zero-emissions. Royal Silver Company offers the world’s purest silver rounds, from the only mint on Earth that extracts silver from raw ores without any contamination. The silver rounds available include the one ounce Macaw and one ounce Andean Cat. Both metals are .99999 pure silver and depict endangered animals. In fact, Royal Silver Company donates to help save the Macaw and Andean Cat from extinction.
The operations of the company are all under one roof, from rock to coin, including the zero-emissions smelter, refinery and mint.
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