Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MFG Client Theft Merely a Prelude to Retirement Fund Confiscation to Fund T-Bond Ponzi

SD reader AGXIIK discusses his thoughts on the liklihood of a coming confiscation (forced treasury bond purchases) of retirement funds in order to continue the t-bond ponzi.

You have to love the sunlight shining on the stink of corruption. The JPM allegations may be one of the best revelations of the foulness of Wall Street carried to the highest levels of government I have ever seen. If Tim Geithner is the ultimate thief in this saga then his overlord, Obama, is primary part of this criminal conspiracy.
From my small and lowly perspective as an investor being dragged into this Ponzi scheme, it is clear that our money and investments are nothing more than a stack of dead presidents waiting for the right time to be stolen by criminals in $3,000 suits.

I've become an advocate for conspiracy theories that have a nasty habit of coming true, like the MFG scam and the latest Executive Order signed by Obama on Friday March 17, called the National Defense Resource Preparedness order, another key part of the scheme to strip-mine us of our financial assets.
MFG was an inadvertent but highly effective test run of this plan. It's failure set the stage for an coup that will involve the wholesale expropriation and blatant taking of OUR RESOURCES, our money.
By a simple executive fiat, Obama or Geithner could strip away trillions of our assets from retirement plans and cash accounts from any brokerage house.
This order would force these firms to convert our assets into electronic funds, shipped in a microsecond to some bank in London, Germany, Belgium or other safe harbor.
Imagine waking up to find your account balance is zero.

Just like the $1.6 billion in MFG client funds that disappeared with the kick of a mouse, our money goes to cover some Federal Reserve counter-party bailout of the US Treasury or one of the Too Big To Fail banks. Think of B of A, Citi, GS or JPM.
If we believe that our sovereign rights are protected under the Constitution and 'takings' are prevented by the 5th Amendment, we are delusional. Nothing will stop these takings.

If you recall that FDR forced expropriation of citizens gold for FRNs, you know these events of late 2011 set the stage for government theft of your money.
When the top officials in the Fed and Treasury are a phone call away from your money being stolen, just as the customers segregated accounts were whisked away by order of these same officials, we need to take a serious look at this criminality and utter disregard of the Constitution.

Obama's mentor and spiritual guide is FDR. BHO and his henchmen would not give a second's thought to ordering our money into the hands of the US government for any reason, or for that matter, no reason except that it seems timely to do so.
Here's a scenario.
No one will buy our junk bonds.
China dumps $1 trillion in US treasuries overnight.
Bonds drop in value by 25-50% in this fire sale.
Who gets to bail out $10 trillion in bonds?
There is not enough money in the world to bail us out unless you seek the funds of the US citizens. It's just that simple.

Bear in mind that as little as a couple of weeks ago this MFG theft was being called a Cold Case File.
Nothing to see here, move along.
Oh, and sorry about your $1.6 billion in missing funds.
It seems like things are heating up a bit now. Doc has done a real service in getting these facts out in the public eye, often days in advance of the MSM disclosures.
Ann Barnhardt and Warren Pollack have called out these criminals and made the case that our money is NOT SAFE.
This crime will not go down easily since there are very powerful people who must see serious jail time. And I'm taking about people that go right into the Oval Office.
But this stink has to be eradicated, or simply put, every dime we have saved in any financial institutions is not safe from outright theft by the government and their banksters cronies.
Our reputation in the world will be damaged beyond repair and destroyed forever, right along with our hard earned savings. If you don't believe this, leave your funds with your trusted broker, whoever he or she is. I'm sure they will make you whole when TSHF.